The ClothSpot Slinky Shirt Kit – Our sleeve hack!

We’re rather taken with the elegant simplicity of the Vogue 9204 pattern we used for our Slinky Shirt Kit.

Vogue Pattern 9204 for our slinky short kitHowever it was missing just a little something, we thought. That ‘little something’ turned out to be a way of finishing the simple straight lines of the sleeves in a slightly more interesting fashion. We decided to cut off the sleeve of View B at 3/4 length and softly gather the end into a simple cuff. Our cuff is wider than the arm width so falls up and down the arm as you move – and adds just a little shape to the sleeve when your arm’s at rest.

Here’s how to add a cuff to your Slinky Shirt.

You’ll need the following items, included in your Slinky Shirt Kit

  • ‘Slinky Shirt Cuff’ pattern piece. (5/8″ seam allowance included in the pattern piece)
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing for cuffs


  1. Cut off your sleeve pattern piece at the length you’d like your sleeves to end. We shortened our sleeves by 16cm, which left us 5/8″ seam allowance at the end of each sleeve.
  2. Cut two ‘Slinky Shirt Cuff’ pieces using the pattern piece supplied with your kit. Snip the notches indicated.
  3. Apply lightweight fusible interfacing to the reverse side of each cuff.
    Hack 1 slinky shirt
  4. Fold each cuff piece in half across the narrow width. Match the cut notches at each end and pin the ends together. Stitch and press the seam apart.
    Hack 2 slinky shirt
  5. Each cuff is now in a circle. Fold each cuff in half along its length, wrong sides together. Hack 3 slinky shirt
  6. Press and then open out again so that the interfacing is facing outwards.
    Hack 4 slinky shirt
  7. Run two rows of gathering stitch inside the seam allowance of the end of each sleeve. You can do this by hand or by adjusting the stitch length on your sewing machine to the maximum length. (Don’t forget to adjust it back again when you’re done!)
    Hack 5
  8. Pull your gathering stitch threads to create gathers at the end of the sleeve.
    Hack 6
  9. Place the cuff piece over the end of the sleeve, right sides facing and matching the cuff seam to the sleeve seam. Pin, spacing out your sleeve gathers evenly. Baste, remove pins and stitch.
    Hack 7
  10. Trim the seam allowance and pull the cuff down over the end of the sleeve. Press the seam allowance towards the cuff.
    Hack 8
  11. Fold under the seam allowance of the unattached end of the cuff. Press.
    Hack 9
  12. Fold the cuff in half to the inside of the sleeve. The folded seam allowance now lies along the stitching attaching the cuff to the sleeve.
  13. Slip-stitch the cuff along the seam attaching the cuff to the sleeve. Press.
    Hack 10
  14. Voilà! You have a lovely elegant cuff. Repeat for the other arm and you’re all done.
    Emerald & turquoise paisley satin fabric3 - cuff