ClothSpot Coatigan Sewing Kit – Our pocket hack!

We love the long and simple lines of Kwik Sew 4192 which we’ve used for our Coatigan Kit.K4192 coatigan pattern for cerise boiled wool fabricWith a graceful and cosy collar and a great length, it’s perfect for layering and keeping warm. However we thought it was missing one critical element – pockets! So we came up with a pocket design and instructions for adding it to your coatigan.

Included in our ClothSpot Coatigan Kit is a pattern piece for a pocket which is attached to the inside of the front of the coatigan, with the pocket opening in the side seam.

Finished pocket on Cerise boiled wool coatigan

Here’s how to adapt your K4192 pattern to add your pockets – then you really will have the perfect coatigan!

When cutting out

1. Cut two of the Pocket pattern piece. There should be room in your cutting layout beside the sleeve as shown in the picture. Ensure the long straight edge of the pattern piece is placed along the grainline. The narrower end of the pattern piece is the top of the pocket.

Pocket cutting layout

During Stage 3 in the printed pattern instructions

After applying the interfacing to the shoulder seams, but before joining the front and back of the coatigan:

2. Make marks on the wrong side of each BACK and FRONT cut pieces, on the sides at the following points, measuring down from the top of each side:


Marked side seams for pocket

3. Place one pocket piece along each side seam of the BACK pattern piece, right sides together. Align the top of the pocket (the narrower end) with the upper mark on the seam. Align the the (wider) bottom end of the pocket piece with the lower mark. Baste and stitch. Press the pocket pieces out to the side and press the seam allowance out over the pocket.

Pocket placement on side back

Between Stage 3 and Stage 4 in the printed pattern instructions

4. Place the back and front pieces together, right sides together with the pocket pieces sticking out the side. Pin and baste in place.

Pockets positioned for stitching

5. Stitch the side seam from the top down to the second of the four side seam marks at 22.5cm, taking the seam just inside the stitching attaching the pocket.

6. Stitch the side seam from the third of the side seam marks at 41cm, down to the bottom. Again, stitch just inside the pocket stitching in the area of overlap. The resulting gap in the side seam is your pocket opening.

Side seams completed around pocket

7. Along the length of the pocket , press the side seam open. Keeping the pocket piece out of the way, stitch the front seam allowance in place around the pocket opening.

Pocket opening being stitched

8. Carefully snip the front seam allowance in line with the top and bottom of the pocket.

Snip front seam allowance above pocket

9. Press the front seam allowances above and below the pockets towards the back of the coatigan. Stitch the seam allowance to the back of the coatigan, close to the cut edge of the seam allowance. Press and trim the excess seam allowance.

Inside side seam allowance stitched down

10. Flip the pocket piece back over the pocket opening so that it lies across the front of the coatigan. Pin the pocket opening closed and pin the pocket in place to the inside of the front of the coatigan. Baste and stitch in place 0.5cm from the edge of the pocket. Trim seam allowance around edge of pocket and press.

Stitched pocket

That’s your pocket finished!

If there’s anything we haven’t explained accurately or fully enough then please do let us know so we can add any clarification right away.

You’re now ready to follow the printed pattern instructions again from Stage 5; (constructing the sleeves). Your coatigan’s nearly done!


Do let us know how you got on – we’d love to see your finished coatigan!