ClothSpot’s all about fabrics – for clothes that are all about you.

We’re as partial to a high-street fashion bargain as anyone – but we find that doesn’t always fit the bill (or us…). We’re saddened at the loss of fabric shops from our high streets and we miss the heady days of delving through remnant bins and rummaging through rolls to find inspiration for our next Big Idea…

We think there’s room for an online fabric store that can revive that excitement and which is all about your personal style. Here at ClothSpot there’s no need to sift through piles of curtains, sheets and patchwork to find something to suit your mood – we’ve found all the nuggets for you to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and as easy as we can.

ClothSpot offers fabric for work, play and special days alike. We keep a fast-changing and lively selection of choices that reflect the best in current fashion. We also stock a selection of basics for your wardrobe – cottons, lawns, drills, denim, linings – the stuff you can’t get by without, whatever your style.

Our new arrivals appear on Friday evenings so you can browse to your heart’s content over the weekend. ‘Like’ us on Facebook or follow us @ClothSpot on Instagram and Twitter and you’ll get a notification as soon as they’re online.

If it’s on our site, then we’ve got it in stock, ready for same-day shipping (see our Frequently Asked Questions page for details).

Meet the ClothSpot team!

We’re dedicated to bringing you ideas and inspiration aplenty and the very best in customer service. We’re based in the Lincolnshire Fens – home of amazing sunsets, glorious daffodils, tulips, pumpkins and delicious sausages. What’s not to like?


Alice is the one to blame for all this. Usually to be found leaping from sewing machine to camera, to computer and back again. She loves a good spreadsheet and tries to sit on her hands in the face of luscious offerings from our suppliers.

Outside work
Equally handy with a hammer drill or a chainsaw she has an unfortunate sense of humour and throws dance moves that can empty a dancefloor (into the local A&E). Swims, runs and does yoga as quietly as she can.

Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club; Kate Bush

Favourite yoga position
Thread-the-needle (no, really!)



Judy is the beating heart of ClothSpot. Accountant-in-chief and head stationer, she also cuts and packs orders with speed and elegance. Fluent in Dutch and Spanish (just in case) and calm in a storm.

Outside work
Judy knits at speed and the fact that she hasn’t starred on Masterchef is their loss. She’s a Scandi-noir aficionado and gets oddly worked up over the latest tech gadget.

BBC Radio 6, Talking books

Favourite gadget
Bluetooth headphones



Freya is our snipper-in-chief – she’s the one who makes sure we always have samples to send out on request – as well as snippets of our latest arrivals ready to slip into every order. Our sample rails are safe in her hands. Freya manages to be perpetually cheery and is super-organised – we never ever leave things lying around on her workbench (she does this look…)

Outside work
Freya is a demon on the football field – she actually scores hat-tricks!

Bad Reputation by Shawn Mendes

Favourite organisational tip
Make a list – then you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.



Lizzie is our roving social media correspondent. She chips in over the ether from wherever she happens to be at the time – whether it’s Spain, France, Durham or our fenland fields. Known for her dry humour (was that a joke?)

Outside work
When she’s not studying (preferably with feline accompaniment) or sleeping (ditto) Lizzie’s often to be found living it up in fancy dress. Last seen manoeuvring a 4-foot high papier-maché cheese wedge up the East Coast line… (FYI that’s Melton the ClothSpot Cat she’s wrangling here)

Smile by The Royal Concept

Favourite fancy dress costume
Woodland Elf (created by Judy; includes ears)

Need to contact us?

Please do! We love to hear from our customers. Got a question about a fabric? Need a lining suggestion? Looking for something special? Make our day! You can find our contact details here.

And finally the legal bit…

ClothSpot Limited is a private limited company (Company Number 7600087). Our trading and legal address is on our Contact page.







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