Style Crisis: When life happens

Hyachinth style crisis life happens

By now I’ve come to terms with the fact that my Style Crisis is an ongoing project. Despite evidence of progress, there’s obviously not going to be an overnight transformation in my personal style – I’m not a chrysalis about to burst open revealing a glamorous butterfly. I’ve discovered that dressing to reflect myself is something that requires practice, just like everything else. And just like everything else, it’s subject to disruption.

Sometimes, life happens. Which quite literally, it just has.

I tend to be a bit cautious when writing my blog posts. I’ve tentatively learned to expose myself on these pages – and you’ve all been fabulous as I’ve shared my thought processes, successes, discoveries and on several occasions, my sheer idiocy. Generally though, unless friends and family knowingly (or rashly) step into the limelight, I’m reluctant to implicate them publicly.

In order to explain the absence of my Style Crisis chronicles since Christmas however, I hope you won’t mind if I pull back that net curtain a little. Almost 18 years ago my chap and I became a family overnight as the wearers of three pairs of red wellingtons ricocheted into our lives. Adoption meant that we accelerated from 0-60 on the family rollercoaster – and we continue to be amazed, often confounded and frequently thrilled at the ride.

As our children have grown up and (almost) moved on, I’ve been equally thrilled to throw myself into growing ClothSpot and make no mistake – there’s plenty more to come. However at the beginning of last week we were completely blown away when our eldest daughter gave birth to our first grandchild.

Now – obviously that’s not something that happens every day (understatement) and I was so proud and honoured to be present at his birth. Mother and baby are doing very well, I’m delighted to report. However it’ll come as no surprise to learn that although ClothSpot’s day-to-day activities have continued apace with orders being processed as usual (thank you, Judy!) and lots of new fabrics appearing, I’ve had precious little time to explore my personal style.

(That’s excluding the hour or so I spent at the weekend helping my overlocker to chew up a perfectly lovely piece of jersey. Please, let’s move on…nothing to see here 😳)

You’ve all been so fabulously supportive, helping my blog to find its feet and supporting ClothSpot, so I thought that a little explanation might be due.

Over the next few weeks things will be getting back to (what passes as) normal – and we’ve got lots of plans and goodies to share as we head into spring.

Have a lovely weekend – and I promise I’ll be back with more in the usual combination of embarrassment and inspiration before you know it!

7 thoughts on “Style Crisis: When life happens

  1. Margaret C says:

    Congratulations on the addition to your family. Grandchildren are a wonderful gift. Looking forward to continuing with you on your Style crisis journey. I’m 67 and I’m still on mine.

  2. Jan says:

    Oh Alice welcome to the club many, many congratuations to everyone, parents, grandparents, pets. I had started to wonder if you were still on this planet but what a wondrous reason for your absence. As a woman who just didn’t get the desperation of some friends to be a Grandma and quite frankly was bored out of her skull when they wittered on add infanitum about their grandchildren, I never ever expected the tsunami of love that washed over us (himself is worse than me, one of us has to maintain a degree of decorum) when on Christmas Eve five years ago our first grandson arrived. He was, still is and always will be the best Christmas present we will ever receive. Nothing prepares you for becoming a parent and to me its not growing a baby inside you it is every step along the way, all the love, the ups and the downs after they join your family that makes you worthy of that title. Never mind a personal style crisis that will wait enjoy your new family member, huge congratulations.

  3. Christina Ivett says:

    Wow! What a touching post. I have no children or grandchildren but they must be a great joy for you. I have had my overlocker chew up fabric. Ha ha. Style? I keep telling my friends, you have to adapt your style to your changing body shape as you mature …. and what better way to change your style than to make your own clothes!! X

  4. Di says:

    Hi Alice, congratulations. I’ve missed your blogs but can understand you’re excited at becoming a grandparent for the first time. I’m still waiting to become one but feel that may never occur☹️. So on with the sewing and you’re funny, entertaining and amusing blogs.

  5. Marion George says:

    It’s all been said above but I have to put my penny worth in. Congratulations to your family and welcome to the world no 1 grandson. Of course I have to welcome you to the sisterhood of glamorous grannies, which we all must be otherwise we wouldn’t be reading this. Style crisis, what style crisis, we are all just improving our style. I’m looking forward to your plans and by the way I’m addicted , I’m on to my third slinky blouse and maybe number four, unless I change my mind. Who said Style Crisis? Ha!

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