Last-minute make: ‘Aurora’ slip dress

So here’s the scenario. I’m away for the weekend with friends. Hurrah! I’m in need of something a with a little summer elegance to it and which doesn’t involve jeans or black jersey, however my Style Crisis programme hasn’t really catered for that eventuality. (Weekends away? Perish the thought…) The thing is, a fabric has just arrived that I adore, want desperately to use NOW, and which is screaming ‘summer frock’ at me. Add to that the fact that certain colleagues are on holiday this week – and we have a time crisis on our hands. And yet, and yet, that urge…

I share this dilemma over a morning cup of tea.

‘Well’, comes the helfpul response. ‘You could make the dress during the week – because your sewing machine is here – then you could take your laptop anywhere and do your blog later’.

I point out that the purpose of going away for the weekend is to experience something called a ‘break’.

‘Well yes’ comes the reply. ‘But I’m just saying, you could blog anywhere, couldn’t you? You don’t have to be here’.

And repeat. Several times.

Many of us are fortunate enough to have people like this in our lives. For reference, this one is called David. Wisely, he decides to go on for a morning run.

I mull the situation over and decide, with some maturity, that indeed yes – I WANT MY FROCK!

However I also decide that in order to justify this indulgence I should still post about it, even though it’s going to be a little bit of a rush job and (did I mention?) I’m going away.

I should say at this point that I usually indulge in taking my time over my projects where possible (mostly in order to avoid sewing sleeves on upside down). I’m firmly committed to slow fashion and I revel in the delight of a garment that has been lovingly created over many hours, if not days or weeks, even. However we all find ourselves in situations where we need a quick fix – and so please excuse this inaugural ‘Last-minute make’ post. There will be others, inevitably – but I promise not to make too much of a habit of it. Here goes.

The fabric

‘Aurora’ soft taupe and lavender printed viscose fabric Wonderfully draping and perfect for the job.

Lavender printed viscose fabric for last-minute make

The pattern

Slip Dress 09/2013 from BurdaStyle. Chosen because it had a just a bit of detail at the front, as opposed to being totally plain. Also it was cut on the cross and would (I hoped) make the most of the drape in my fabric.

BurdaStyle Slip Dress for last minute make
BurdaStyle Slip Dress 09/2013

The inevitable tricky bit

That would be the detail at the front. The dart angles are critical, as is the need to keep a really straight line over those tucks. Also, it’s cut on the cross as mentioned. I did take the time to make sure the grain was straight but it slowed me down a tad.

The result

Achieved within the day, and styled (yes indeed, styled) with a plain white tee. I have plans for a short sleeved shell top to layer under it but that will have to wait.

Last-minute make slip dress
About to dash off…

I’m well aware that the dark colour, mostly neutral colour of the fabric doesn’t confirm to my most recent Style Crisis objective but sometimes the comfort zone is just too close to resist. Ideally I would have found a pattern that had some darts too as the shape is pretty undefined. However it looks better with a defining layer on top (e.g. my leather jacket – in my opinion at least) and it moves beautifully – if I say so myself.  I promise to get back on the programme ASAP.

And finally…

Here’s our slip dress post from last year, including lots of styling and pattern suggestions and details of our Slip Dress Pinterest board, too!








8 thoughts on “Last-minute make: ‘Aurora’ slip dress

  1. Judy says:

    From a *certain* colleague, (taking refuge from the heat on the terraza to read your blog): that looks fantastic (am eying up that viscose…)! Have a lovely weekend – see you Monday!

  2. Shirley says:

    Looks fab Alice. And so glad you’ve “styled” it with something other than the Burda mid calf sock and high heel combo (which for me doesn’t work at all)! Have a smashing time “darn sarf”

  3. Julia Droy says:

    Alice the dress looks lovely well done for getting it finished, love the fabric too. Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

    • ClothSpot says:

      Thank you Julia – and yes I can confirm it’s had lots of (very enjoyable) wear since. Now for the real test – how will it cope with the removal of a chicken balti stain?! (We deal in gritty real-life issues here…)

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