SS16 Fashion – our first picks

SS16 fashion is turning out to be a difficult soul to pin down. There’s plenty to inspire and excite us here at ClothSpot – but judging by the fashion press and the catwalks it’s a season yet to develop a sense of cohesion.

We think that’s partly down to a transition in some core style elements. Skirts are growing longer, trousers wider and more flowing. Silhouettes are simpler, more fluid and less angular.

Beyond that, however, we think there’s a growing sense of individuality with regard to dress. As you might imagine, we’re all up for that. In her book ‘Fear and Clothing: Unbuckling American Style’ Cintra Wilson’s opening salvo goes as follows:

“Ultimately it comes down to this: Style can either liberate you, or it can enslave you”

She’s not the first to conclude this – although she does so with entertaining wit and insight. At ClothSpot we’re here to help you achieve your personal style – your own fashion – whatever that might be. So – our SS16 fashion first picks are just that – a few current fashion directions that we rather like. What you do with them – as with our fabrics – is entirely up to you. We can’t wait to see what you create – please do keep us in the picture! Meanwhile we’ll be exploring and adding to these themes as the season progresses. Look out for our new fabrics every Friday as well as our makes and pattern ideas – both here on the site and on our SS16 Pinterest boards.

 Vibrant florals

SS16 Fashion - Vibrant floral fabrics

You’ll have spotted that this is what we’ve selected to kick off our SS16 season with a pop! You can find out more about our first make here. As ever D&G as well as Emilia Wickstead have lots of hot florals to offer.

SS16 Fashion - Hot florals
D&G dress; Emilia Wickstead’s delicate long shirt-over-trousers

We’ve not been alone – we’ve taken our inspiration from a number of sources. Whether it’s a summer frock, louche pyjamas or a zinging top over jeans, yellows and oranges are very much of the moment. Although some judicious colour-combining might be required, we think this is a fabulous way of banishing the winter blues.

 Cool minimalism

SS16 Fashion - Minimalist fabrics

Slip dresses, camisole tops, wide trousers and perhaps a latte linen coat are all in our sights. Although our fabric selection here is a cool, calm, coffee, cream and ivory one, we’re also planning to play with navy blues and greys. As you might expect, Calvin Klein has been excelling in this area – although he’s not alone.

SS16 Fashion - Cool minimalism
Trousers by Celine; slip dress and white coat by Calvin Klein.

Crisp cotton tops

SS16 Fashion - Crisp cotton fabrics

In case you hadn’t noticed, crisp cotton shirts and tops seem to be everywhere this season. We’re not complaining! Whether they’re classic shirts, shell tops or vintage-styled blouses we love them. Made from fabrics that are simple to work with and easy to wear. Cotton lawns and poplins, men’s striped shirtings and chambrays are all options – J Crew and Adam Lippes are excellent sources of inspiration we think. We’re also about to test out some classic shell top designs from the pattern companies.

SS16 Fashion - Crisp cotton shirts
J Crew’s cotton shirts and Adam Lippes’ classic detailing

 Monochrome summer tailoring

SS16 Fashion - Summer grey fabricsWe love any excuse for some monochrome tailoring. We’ve spotted this outfit from Armani at the Milan fashion week that has us dreaming of a pair of cigarette pants with perhaps just a smidgeon of 1960s Rome about them…

SS16 Fashion - Monochrome tailoring
Tailored Monochrome puppytooth and a dash of coral from Armani in Milan

We thought it was a trend but then we found the same shorts cropping up in several fashion edits so we’re not sure if this is officially a ‘thing’ yet. But we love the puppytooth fabric and the tailored approach (probably more than the shorts, we confess). We might keep it monochrome or perhaps take a foray into grey or even pastels.


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