Coats and coatings for AW15

Cashmere camel coat ClothSpot Marsh long shot

We long since resigned ourselves to the fact that we’re like kids in a sweetshop when it comes to the start of any season. We love new ideas, new deliveries and new projects whatever the time of year. No surprise there. However there’s nothing quite like the colours and textures that we have come to expect from autumn. The complexity of shades, the feel of it all, the contrast between a jewelled lining and a textured wool. Cold weather means more layers, more clothes, more fabric opportunities. The sheer luxury and excitement of the magazine spreads. We’re suckers for it all – and that’s before we start in on the John Mills, Ealing and Nora Ephron film catalogues playing in the background while we sew. *Sigh*

Coats of course are the big-ticket item for the AW season so we thought we’d have fun with a couple of ClothSpot makes to whet your appetites.

For our first one, we used the BurdaStyle ‘Vintage Kim’ pattern.

Vintage Kim coat pattern

We were aiming for something luxurious in feel, with something of the classic ‘huggability’ of a Max Mara or Jaeger camel coat. These are their AW offerings…

Max Mara camel coat AW15
Jaeger camel coat AW15
…and this is our interpretation of the style, using our ‘Besotted’ wool & cashmere camel coating fabric, lined with our Richest regal purple satin fabric.

Cashmere camel coat
Wool cashmere camel coat
We particularly like the collar on this coat – sooo cosy! Also the way in which the side panels incorporate the pockets – they hang beautifully.

Camel coat pocket detail
For both these reasons we’d thoroughly recommend this pattern. The instructions in BurdaStyle aren’t the most expansive, but when you get your head around them, they’re actually extremely precise – if a little concise. We got there with a bit of concentration. The resulting coat is now being fought over by staff and family members alike – it’s deliciously cosy and comfortable – but not overly heavy to wear.

For our second coat we used the BurdaStyle ‘Oversized coat’ pattern.

BurdaStyle oversized coat pattern
This was a perfect opportunity to have a play with our ‘Autumnal glow’ green wool herringbone tweed fabric. It’s 100% wool and has the loveliest vibrant colour which works fantastically with our Wine & lime shot taffeta fabric as a lining, as well as with our Red & gold shot paisley jacquard fabric which we couldn’t resist using as a scarf. Fortuitously, our model Eve had just dyed her hair – it was a coincidence made in autumn heaven as we think you’ll agree…
Green herringbone wool tweed coat

Green herringbone wool tweed coat
We loved the nod to ’80s Crombie coats with this style – as well as the top-stitched pocket details.

Green tweed coat pocket detail
We went large on the sizing for a deliberate ‘oversized’ effect. Large tailored coats are very much in evidence this season – as are 80s-inspired numbers as you can see from this Haider Ackermann boucle number.

80s boucle coat
We’ve lots more in the way of style and fabric ideas on our ‘Coats AW15’ Pinterest board – and you can see all our latest coating fabrics here. If you’d like to see more images of our makes, then follow our ClothSpot Instagram feed for outtakes and some location backstory. Finally – thanks very much to our models Rosie and Eve – who we think look stunning – and who were marvellously patient and great fun down on the marshes!

Coats the end


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