Dungarees – aka “Mrs. Overall strikes again….”

No no  no – we were only joking! Oh well – perhaps just a quickie then…

Right – since we’ve got that out of our system….

We couldn’t help noticing the preponderance of dungarees-related images and articles besieging our senses this last month. Now – we know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but since at least one of us has had frequent dungaree-related incidents in the past (see below) we couldn’t resist revisiting the notion briefly.

Dungarees in Covent Garden
A dungaree-related incident in Covent Garden, c.1986. Fortunately no record exists of a 1979 occurrence involving a disco and silver dungarees.

The style that has captured our attention is that of dark canvas or twill, nicely broken in, worn loosely over an off-the-shoulder top or T-shirt. Here are some examples…

We know that last one’s a bit perky but you get the drift. Practical, easy to relax in, great for getting lots of jobs done and – oh boy – what a relief to get away from the whole skinny jeans and leggings scenario…

On the styling front, we’re not sure this is a style to wear tight on the waist and hips unless you’re doing the whole bell-bottomed 70s look – but then you need platforms and it all gets a bit high-maintenance. Which to our way of thinking, isn’t what this look is all about.
You can of course dress them up – and try out lots of different fabrics. Have a look at this article from last week’s Guardian if you’d like some more inspiration.

Fabric-wise, we were thinking about our cotton twills and drills such as:

Black cotton drill fabric for dungarees
‘Practicality personified’ black cotton drill fabric
Navy blue cotton twill fabric for dungarees
Soft-hearted navy blue cotton twill fabric
Striped cotton drill fabric for dungarees
‘Summer strides’ sturdily-striped cotton drill fabric

But we also quite fancy playing with something a bit more relaxed and lightweight, such as:

Taupe linen fabric for dungarees
Deepest taupe linen suiting fabric
Viscose twill black suiting fabric for dungarees
Elegantly-draping viscose twill black suiting fabric

Finally, because we’re helpful souls, we’ve found a pattern which we quite like the look of…

Kwik Sew Pattern 3897 - Dungarees
Kwik Sew Pattern 3897 – Dungarees

…again – this looks a bit perky we know – but we think this will work a treat. If we get a moment to sew this up in the next few weeks then we’ll report back. Meanwhile if anyone out there is working this look then let us know how you’re getting on. Assuming you’re using our fabrics (and why wouldn’t you??) then send us a picture for our ClothSpot Creations blogroll!

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