One fine day…

…is just about all we’ve had so far this year! Here at ClothSpot we’re trying our best to envisage wardrobes for warmer weather and to bring you spring fabrics to match. We’re finding it difficult not to come up with yet another 50 fabrics for snow – however we are persevering we promise!

Despite the weather we’re getting quite excited about some of the tailoring that we’re seeing in the magazines – also some interesting things being done with draping and fabric twists.

We particularly like this Céline viscose satin top for instance…

Celine viscose top - spring fabrics idea

…and although the drop-crotch trousers that seem to be all the rage are giving us just a little cause for concern (are we alone in that??), we do like the draped elegance of much of the tailoring we’ve seen. We hope our newly-arrived spring fabrics will inspire you to overcome the view from your window (surely we’ve had enough Narnia now…?) and to have a little faith in warmer days around the corner.

We’re really keen to hear about what you’re looking forward to creating – so please do drop us a line and let us know. We had requests for yellows (also featuring heavily in fashion commentaries from the last month or two) and we’ve begun to oblige already. We’re conscious that yellow (especially when it’s colour-blocked) can be a difficult colour to carry off well – however we hope that fabrics like our Blowsy-bloomed yellow, grey and white linen mix fabric here… Blowsy-bloomed linen spring fabric…will give you opportunities to wear what could otherwise be a challenging colour.

Speaking of colour, we’re also about to try out a new navigation on our menu bar. We know lots of you like our ‘Wardrobe’ navigation option and so since we receive many enquiries about fabrics in specific colours, we’ve decided to introduce a new ‘Colour’ menu which will pull together fabrics in different colour groups regardless of fabric type. We’ll tweet to our Home Page as soon as it’s ready – let us know what you think!

Coral viscose print spring fabricWe’ve just sent one of our spring fabrics to the folks over at Eliza M’s Vintage Style Sewing – more about that (and this beautiful coral viscose print we sent) shortly.

Finally, we’re thrilled to report that ClothSpot has taken off so well that Alice has now completely departed the world of museums to work with ClothSpot full-time (and some…) which will mean lots more fabrics appearing much more regularly – hurrah! We also now have help in the workroom from the amazingly-organised Judy, who we’ll be introducing properly as soon as we can persuade her to have her picture taken… Meanwhile we hope spring will be arriving around your corner *very* soon!

6 thoughts on “One fine day…

  1. autumnstroller says:

    I have just received my order and am highly pleased with the contents. The parcel itself cheered up a miserable day, lovely gold outer bag with beautiful fabric inside which was wrapped in tissue, just so delightful.
    Thank you Alice for your help, I am so pleaded to have found The Clothspot and to be inspired by your descriptions of your fabric and your suggestions as to what to do with it. Wonderful just wonderful.
    Kindest Regards
    Wendy Hall

    • ClothSpot says:

      Wendy thank you so much for cheering up our miserable-weathered day with your lovely comments! We’re delighted you found us and that you like our site and fabrics. I love working on ClothSpot, with the people who help keep it running and with our suppliers – but when we get such lovely feedback it really does make it all worthwhile. Thank you very much – and I hope spring will follow your fabrics without delay!

  2. Samantha says:

    Totally agree about the dropped crotch trousers. Only the models have long enough legs to carry those off. I certainly will not be experimenting.
    Could you tell me if any of your linen mixes are machine washable? I had a sample of the purple one and was very tempted with the idea of a gored skirt, but hand washing is not for me! Thanks in advance,

    • ClothSpot says:

      Hello Sam – as we explained in our email we’re in the process of putting together some online guidance for fabric preparation & care – sorry that’s a bit late in appearing but meanwhile just so everyone can see what we’ve told you…

      The standard guidance for linens and linen/cotton & linen/viscose mixes is to wash prior to cutting in order to ensure that the initial shrinkage you get with linen-based fabrics can be eliminated prior to garment construction. We suggest a 30 or 40 degree machine wash or a hand wash, followed by a steam iron. Theoretically this will result in anything from a 3% to as much as 10% shrinkage although we’ve never seen anything more than the lower end of this scale when we’ve wash-tested a fabric. We haven’t tested all of them but we’ve no reason to believe that anything we currently have online in our linens will be an exception to this rule. It’s probably worth finishing the raw edges of your linen before you wash in order to prevent fraying.

      Once you’ve constructed your garment, assuming you pre-washed then you may get a little bit of shrinkage if you machine wash although keeping the temperature at 40% or below will reduce the risk of this. So – if we had a shirt, a tunic or an unlined skirt or trousers then we’d with you on the ‘pop it in the machine because life is too short’ approach.

      The exception would be if you have lined a garment, or if it was closely fitted or tailored. In these circumstances we would recommend dry cleaning because a lining may respond differently to the linen – and because even a little bit of shrinkage might interfere with precise tailoring or close fitting.

      You will always find with linen that the initial crispness of the fabric will soften over time and in the case of a fitted garment, the fabric may start to respond to body shape more than cut as the fabric creases and gives. Dry cleaning will lessen this effect, which is probably more of an issue in the kind of fitted or tailored garments mentioned above.

      We hope this helps – please do drop us a line if you want to know more. If anyone has anything to add to this then please do comment – we know we have lots of expert customers out there who could tell us a thing or to we’re sure!

      • Samantha says:

        Thanks Alice for your excellent advice. It certainly explains why I’ve got away with machine washing some items where the label says “Hand Wash Only,” but I’ve had some accidents too.
        Looking forward to getting my purple linen mix and starting sewing!

        • ClothSpot says:

          – yes we’ve all had our accidents, sad to say…. Anyway – delighted to help, Samantha – and your lovely purple linen is on its way – hope you enjoy it!

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