What’s ClothSpot all about?

ClothSpot’s all about fabrics for clothes that are all about you. We’re tired of stores full of cheap clothes that aren’t designed to last more than a season (we know you know where we mean…) and other shops where neither the price tags nor the sizes fit. We don’t think that buying cheap clothes is necessarily good value for money – and that however much you pay, it can be hard to find something you really like.

We think that’s a shame – and amidst all that conformity and cost-cutting we’ve lost the high-street drapers. With them have gone a generation of skills, the habit of sewing for yourself and the excitement of daring to be a bit different.

Here at ClothSpot we want to be part of recovering all of that. We love bargains as much as anyone (check out our prices!) but we also like the idea of choosing to make something special – or timeless – or individual. We think there’s real satisfaction of investing your time in something unique – or even knocking something up just in time for a party…

We know there are plenty of you out there who can’t find a fabric shop on your local high street – and who are frustrated at what’s on offer in the average clothes shop. We’re here for you! We’d like to offer you something of the long-forgotten draper’s shop and remind you how exciting it can be to look at fabrics and imagine what you might do with them. We think that pictures of actual clothes made with our fabrics – or at least draped mannequins – are a step in the right direction – but that’s just the beginning.

We might be starting small but we have some big ideas and we hope you’ll be dropping by regularly to find out what’s happening.

Stay in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter to find out about our new arrivals and what we’re up to.

6 thoughts on “What’s ClothSpot all about?

  1. Betty says:

    Hi Alice, What a great site, and i love Jess’s jacket. I tried to find you and ‘like’ you on facebook, but couldn’t track you down so thought I would message instead. I hope business is going well. All the best for prosperous Christmas sales. Betty

    • clothspot says:

      Thanks Betty – you were the first person to find us – I think you even beat Google to the mark! All the links should be up and running now – we are on Facebook and after the New Year there should be more activity – at the moment we’re recovering from getting it all online – thanks for visiting and come back soon! Alice

  2. Shron Joynes says:

    Hi Alice
    your fabric is absolutly fantastic i have just cut out the black cooton drill as a pair of trousers, making them up tomorrow,the fabric cut like a dream, no moving around or slipping, all the fabric i bought this week is so worth the money (little money great fabric) after many years away from sewing i was suprise how few fabric shops there is now and those that do sell fabric it is such a price.
    your service is second to none and your fabric comes all wrapped in very nice tissue paper, it was like christmas morning, it’s worrying buying from the internet as i have been ripped off before with something i bought, so i was at first a little worried, but after emailing you and getting a reply and then the samples, put to rest any worries i had and i would highly recommend your site to anyone wanting top qualitiy fabric at a very good price.
    i will let you know how my sewing goes.

    Kindest Regards

    • ClothSpot says:

      Hi Sharon,

      I’m thrilled to know that you’re enjoying your return to sewing and that ClothSpot is hitting the mark! We *really* appreciate the feedback – do let us know how those trousers work out – we’d love to see pictures when you’re ready. Thanks for all the encouragement – we’re really excited about the positive reception so far – we love putting smiles on faces!

      Alice @ ClothSpot

  3. Samantha says:

    Hi Clothspot! I totally agree with everything you say above. What is more, if you do have a drapers on your high street it is likely to stock prints sized for very small children or curtains and nothing in between. I wish you every success and will order some of your fabulous linen cotton mix fabric as soon as I have time to make the pair of trousers I was promising myself. I find that it is not just expensive shops where there are problems with the fit. Most of the high street stores cut trousers with huge waists and tiny hip measurements-one size fits nobody these days.

    • ClothSpot says:

      Thanks Samantha – we love that you get what we’re about! We hope you’ll have time to do some sewing for the new season before too long….we know what it’s like trying to fit everything in!

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