Stone stretch cotton drill fabric

‘Pure & simple’ stone stretch cotton drill fabric


A sturdy medium-weight stone stretch cotton drill fabric. Practical and classic – a ‘capsule wardrobe’ colour for versatile separates.

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Anyone who watched and enjoyed Peter Kay’s delightful ‘Car Share’ will know where we’re coming from with this stone stretch cotton drill fabric. It’s a real wardrobe staple and we think that just as the song says, anything you make from this is always ‘ gonna be there for you’. Yeah yeah…

So – enough of the dodgy pop. We think the calm, even, warm stone-coloured cream of this fabric oozes class. It has a super utilitarian (but not stiff) handle – and although this stone stretch cotton drill fabric is an excellent and robust cloth, it’s still very pliable and easy to work.

Our classic stone stretch cotton drill fabric is 97% cotton mixed with 3% spandex. The stretch element is present in the weft threads, meaning that it gives across the width of the fabric. However not too much – it holds its shape nicely. Cut your trousers down the length of the fabric as you usually would, and your cigarette pants, clamdiggers, capri crops – or whatever your legwear of choice happens to be – will have a comfortable ease across their width.

Of course trousers aren’t the only possibility for our stone stretch cotton drill fabric. We were discussing in the ClothSpot workroom only this week, how we like to use a stretch fabric for jackets in order to give a bit of ease across our shoulders. One of us swims, we spend our days heaving rolls of fabric around – we have shoulders and we like our clothes to fit them. However having a close fit to the back and waist looks neat and satisfying and a jacket in a stretch fabric like this one would do the trick nicely.

This classy, classic stone stretch cotton drill fabric is 148cm wide – a reliable friend for life in every metre.

Finally, one of our special ‘because we can’ moments, just in case you needed a reminder…



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