Black dogtooth coating fabric
Black dogtooth coating fabricBlack dogtooth coating fabricVogue Pattern 7975 - try with monochrome boucle suiting fabric

‘Frostbitten’ pink & black dogtooth coating fabric


Soft-handled yet robust pink blue, grey and black dogtooth coating fabric. A warm wool mix, perfect for winter coats & jackets to keep out the frost.

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We do love it when we find a good, hearty, robust coating fabric with a bit of colour – and better still if there’s a bit of a pattern to it. It’s fabulous to have a good winter coat in something other than camel, grey or black, however much we love the classics (oh, and we do…). This cerise, blue, ivory, grey and black dogtooth coating fabric will brighten up the months ahead we feel sure.

We particularly like the combination of colours here. The black which forms the main dogtooth pattern predominates, but the ivory, sky blue, calm grey and cerise pink weave behind it add depth and interest. Those dark dogteeth pop out and the fabric comes to life. We’ve teamed it here with our ‘Bluebell knoll’ blue linen mix fabric, which we think grabs those blue threads and sings beautifully with them. You could try our ‘Lily the pink’ rich cerise stretch satin fabric as a fabulous lining, among many other options we have to offer. This black dogtooth coating fabric is a good, solid, heavy-end-of-medium weight coating fabric. Give it a good lining and there’s not a lot that it wouldn’t cope with on the temperature front. Despite its textured weave it has good opacity and we think it will have great warmth. It’s a pliable fabric which isn’t as bulky as, say, the heaviest wool melton, and it seems well behaved.

The composition of our pink and black dogtooth coating fabric is 92% polyester, 8% wool. It has a beautifully soft yet robust handle which we would have attributed to a higher wool content – but the composition is reflected in the price even though this is a fabulous quality fabric. Although we’re thinking of it primarily as a coating, it would of course lend itself to jackets and warm winter skirts. We wouldn’t envisage trousering it and in our opinion, we think it’s too heavy too for a winter dress – with the exception perhaps of say, a simple 60s-style tunic or pinafore?

We know that more than one of our customers has put our previous colourway of this fabric, our ‘Windbitten’ navy blue dogtooth coating fabric, to good use as a Chanel-style jacket. We’re still waiting for pictures of finished makes – when we have them, we’ll be sure to put them on our ClothSpot Creations blog. If you fancy heading off down that route (and why wouldn’t you?) then Vogue Pattern 7975 might be one to consider:

Vogue Pattern 7975 - try with black dogtooth coating fabric

Vogue Pattern 7975 – Chanel-style jacket

Our frostproof cerise and black dogtooth coating fabric is 150cm wide – no compromising style for warmth with this one!





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