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Don’t forget your zips! These are closed-end zips which are suitable not only for dresses but also skirts and trousers. We have two types of zip – concealed zips and dress zips, both of which can be used for dresses, skirts and trousers, depending on your pattern and design. Select your preferred zip type, colour and length from the list below.

Zip type
Zip colour
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Remember that zip lengths are the measurement of the part of the zip with the teeth – the overall length of the tape will be longer.

Worried about your match? Don’t be! If we think we can see a better choice of zip – or if we don’t think we can match your fabric well enough, we’ll let you know.

Zip type Concealed zip, Dress zip
Zip colour Beige, Black, Blue, Bottle green, Burgundy, Cerise, Cream, Dark brown, Dark grey, Dark pink, Dusky pink, Ivory, Light grey, Light pink, Mid brown, Mid grey, Navy blue, Ochre, Purple, Red, Sage green, Turquoise, White
Length 13cm; 5", 15cm; 6", 18cm; 7", 20cm; 8", 22cm; 9", 35cm; 14", 40cm; 16", 46cm; 18", 56cm; 22"