Violet-blue triple crepe fabric
Violet-blue triple crepe fabricViolet-blue triple crepe fabricViolet-blue triple crepe fabricViolet-blue triple crepe fabricViolet-blue triple crepe fabricViolet-blue triple crepe fabricViolet-blue triple crepe fabric

Draping violet-blue triple crepe fabric


Vibrant-yet-muted violet-blue triple crepe fabric. Perfect for dresses, suits and separates; drapes with great elegance and has a soft handle.

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We think it’s always a good thing to have some garments in your wardrobe that you can rely on for elegance, style and a little bit of self-expression, whatever the weather and whatever the occasion. Garments that will work hard for their keep as dresses, separates and more formal suits. Crepe is a fabulous fabric for these demanding roles – and we try to make sure that we’ve always got the more traditional ‘sober’ colourways in our collection. However we’ve unearthed a couple of delightful crepe fabrics to bring your SS17 wardrobe to life. One of these, our violet-blue triple crepe fabric, sits beautifully with a number of our lighter-weight fabrics this season.

As a triple crepe, it drapes exceptionally well as you would expect – you can see how it moves in this video:

It has enough weight and substance not to highlight every lump and bump it might encounter – and it moves with exceptional grace. Our violet-blue triple crepe fabric is an enigmatic shade of blue. It’s vibrant, yet slightly muted. It’s nowhere near as grey as an air force blue but far, far softer than a royal blue. Too deep and not purple enough for a periwinkle blue – but nowhere near as ‘true’ as a cornflour blue. Phew – does that cover all the blue bases? Suffice to say that if you’re matching, then please do ask for a free sample as ever. We love this crepe with our ‘Amazonia’ green & blue printed crepe-de-chine fabric which sings wonderfully with the blue of this crepe.

Other options are lilacs and lavenders which spring to life with it while cream and stone colours look very cool and calm.

This is a heavier-weight dress fabric or a medium-weight suiting fabric depending on how you look at it. It has a little bit of mechanical ease across the width and the bias of the fabric. Our violet-blue triple crepe fabric is a bit of a gift for dresses with drape, coat dresses, elegant jackets, skirts and trousers alike. If you’ve a special occasion then this will be a delicious fabric to dress up, in the knowledge that you can keep it as for classic ‘best’ dressing – or decide to get your wear out of it through the season. This violet-blue triple crepe fabric has good opacity but for a special garment you’ll want to line it to help with structure and movement.

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Fabric care

Machine wash at 30 to 40 degrees; however we recommend that you spot- or dry-clean lined garments. Find out more on our About our fabric pages.



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