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RT @Fashion_Curator: After attending the 5 Day Intensive Textile Course @TRCLeiden, I’m back to work now & see artefacts through new eyes!‚Ķ

New arrivals every Friday!

New arrivals every Friday!

Shop wool fabrics!

Shop wool fabrics!

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When is a tunic a tunic?

October 21, 2016

In search of autumnal inspiration Following a meeting earlier this month we wandered off into a nearby city centre, mostly just to digest a morning of intense discussion in the aftermath of a heavy cold. We’ll readily confess to not being at all systematic or focused – just casting a wandering eye for inspiration,¬†tempered with […]

When modern tailoring really was

September 2, 2016

Film obsessions We’ve all had our film crushes – usually they’re directed at leading men and women (nope – we’re not telling so don’t even ask). However we’re pretty sure we’re not alone in having had similarly intense passions on what actors are wearing, as much as the individuals themselves. Now don’t mock – this […]