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We’re off somewhere a little different for our summer wardrobe inspiration this week – this + more at… https://t.co/uY3IXJUI4n

New arrivals every Friday!

New arrivals every Friday!

Fabrics for summer dresses!

Fabrics for summer dresses!

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Style crisis – time to get personal

May 26, 2017

A favourite pastime of certain acquaintances is to see how quickly they can prod me into an agitated diatribe on a contentious issue. I’ll know precisely what they’re doing – even that I’m probably being timed – yet eventually the red mist will descend. Moments later I’m surrounded by folded arms and smug grins – with realisation finally dawning that I’ve […]

Style crisis decisions – opening the dressing-up box

May 12, 2017

One of my earliest school memories is of a big hamper outside the classroom belonging to the third year infants’ class (that’s Year 2 in new money). I remember rummaging in it and finding an extraordinary long red dress, full of ruffles, lace and shininess. It called out to me every time we crocodiled past. […]