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The sun shone today so we’re planning our spring wardrobes! https://t.co/T8mU97er5N #checks, navy blues and gentle… https://t.co/KoO8bAXUwJ

New arrivals every Friday!

New arrivals every Friday!

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Shop jersey fabrics

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Static charge!

November 15, 2016

We’ve just had a query from a customer battling the curse of static with a blouse fabric. As we were advising her about how to overcome that most infuriating of problems, it occurred to us that we might share our response since it’s a common issue, especially with finer fabrics that don’t have the weight […]

Velvet inspirations

November 11, 2016

The fireworks have been let off, we’re kicking our way through piles of leaves and, of an evening, eyeing up the ginger wine. It’s that time when we turn our attention to fabrics and garments that we love to wear through the dark winter months, which will somehow seem just wrong come February. And yet […]