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Bring spring bling to your wardrobe with painted coral satin + crepe – also more minimalist options – sail away at… https://t.co/xRefwuvWEA

New arrivals every Friday!

New arrivals every Friday!

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Shop jersey fabrics

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Style crisis? What style crisis?

February 9, 2017

There are times when life seems like a series of stumbles from one wardrobe crisis to another. This isn’t the plaintive teenage wail of someone looking at her bedroom floor – or rather, the heaps of clothes obscuring it – crying ‘But I’ve got nothing to wear…’. In my case, I’m talking about a wardrobe […]

Jersey top, three ways

January 27, 2017

The ground outside is hard; every morning this week has seen a pale sun rise through icy fog, gradually revealing a frosty landscape. We’re trying hard to envision our spring wardrobes but it’s not easy in freezing weather when the stove in the ClothSpot workroom has yet to take the edge off the chill. Probably a […]